The island of the cabin Katashäll, is also called Kortasskär. It is an island with smooth rocks, open sea as far as the eye can see, seabirds, horizon and a starry sky. The scenic small island with a fishing lodge is located in the archipelago of Pellinki (in Swedish Pellinge). A stay on this island as an unforgettable experience for everyone and a pipe dream for e.g., fishermen and birdwatchers. The whole island is at your disposal during the lease. To understand the feeling of being on an isolated island you must experience it!

The fishing lodge has a family room and a small bedroom as well as a loft. The kitchenette has a gas stove and a gas refrigerator. The wood-burning stove keeps the lodge warm and cozy. There is neither electricity nor running water on the island. The wood-burning sauna has a view to the sunset. The lodge on Katashäll wishes you welcome to spend your holiday!

To Katashäll you go by boat and we will arrange the transport in case you do not have access to a boat. Please remember to inform that you need transport in connection with booking.

A genuine old fishing lodge

The lodge on Katashäll was built in the 1950s by a hardcore man who loved recreational fishing, because his best fishing grounds where around the island. Three fishing permits for fishing nets are included in the hiring.
There are no modern conveniences like electric lights, which gives good opportunities to explore the starry sky in the eveneings.


The cabin on Katashäll was built in 1950 and renovated 2006.
Dwelling area: 28 m2 + small loft
Bed-places: 6
Rooms: family room, kitchenette, loft, outhouse bedroom, outhouse
Sauna: wood-burning (separate building)
Pets: not allowed

Equipment of the cottage

  • Duvets and pillows
  • Basic tableware for 6 persons
  • Wood-burning stove
  • Gas stove
  • Gas refrigerator
  • Charcoal barbecue outdoors

1 sofa bed for 2 in the cabin
1 bunk bed
2 mattresses on the loft


Booking possible May–September, Sunday–Sunday, weather permitting.
620 €/week in July
550 €/week in May, June and August

At other times by mutual agreement.

Reservation fee:
200 € for one week
The rest of the fee is paid six weeks before arrival.

Booking situation
Included in the hiring
  • Fire-wood for fireplace and sauna
  • Mooring system (no jetty)
  • Rowing boat
Not included in the hiring
  • Drinking water
  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Charcoal and tinder
  • Cleaning
For an additional charge
  • Bedding
Floorplan of the cottage

Anne-Maj Johansson
Phone 0400 670 785
E-mail: johanssonannemaj@gmail.com


Katashäll, also called Kortasskär.
60° 10´ 39” N
25° 46´ 21” E


  • Do not disturb nesting birds and other animals
  • Avoid breaking new trails
  • It is prohibited to light fires in the nature


  • Look after the cottages and their inventories.
  • Account for and inform of any damages or results of any destructive events.
  • Transport of fire-wood to the island is cumbersome and therefore we appreciate that tenants consider how much fire-wood is used in the sauna.
  • Be careful with candles and oil lamps. Keep them on a safe distance from readily flammable material, like roofs and window frames.
  • Before departure: turn off the refrigerator, leave the refrigerator door open, tidy up, bring the waste from the island with you (the waste can be put in the waste bins in Sturjan or Tirmo), empty the ashes in the ash bin, lock the sauna, leave the sauna keys in the cabin, close the shutters and return the key as agreed.
  • The boat is the responsibility of the tenant.
  • In case of emergency, call the sea rescue 0294 1000 or the emergency telephone number 112.
    Position: 60° 10´ 39” N, 25° 46´ 21” E
    We recommend use of the mobile app 112 Finland.

Smoking inside the cottage is prohibited.


Pets are strictly forbidden on Katashäll (Kortasskär), which is a part of a nature reserve area.