My story

My story

My name is Anne-Maj Johansson and I am a native of Pellinki (In Swedish Pellinge). I have been running the family farm located in Söderby on the island of Suur-Pellinki (Stor-Pellinge) since 1988.

The farm is a typical small farmstead where traditionally both small-scale farming and forestry, as well as manufacturing of wooden boats, has been important. Today, the farm is run through my company and most of the farming takes place in greenhouses.

As most homestead owners in the archipelago, my parents had to rely on many different sources of income to keep things running, and hence they started renting out cottages. I have continued on this path and today we have five cottages for rent. Throughout the years, the cottages have been in constant use, never left waiting too long for new, short- or long-term guest, to make them their own archipelago sanctuary. All cottages have their own history; you can explore it further on the website.

LAXVARPET – a part of Finnish cultural history

Villa Laxvarpet is a brand new log cottage that stood ready in spring 2021. It is built as a year round cabin and has all modern conveniences, allowing you to experience the unique Finnish archipelago during all seasons, without compromising on your comfort.

Despite the cottage being brand new, the location has a rich cultural history. It is in this area that Tove Jansson first created the Moomins and the Moominvalley. A neighboring family hosted the Jansson family during the summers, from 1920 to 1950,
and the artistic family enjoyed their time from the start. Tove, still a child, went on adventures, exploring the trails, the trees, the surrounding forest and the cave. Some of the nearby locations appears in her books “Sculptor’s Daughter” and the “Summer Book”. Feel free to walk in her footsteps in the surrounding area. If you know your Moomins, you would not doubt where she got the inspiration for their seaside cave.

I welcome you all to stay at our cottages, and I hope that everyone will find their own special vacation home.

At Nybondas you can taste the summer

I am an educated gardener and garden technician and the main focus of the farm, since I founded the company Nybondas Trädgård in 1988, has been on decorative flowers grown in greenhouses. Today you can also find many different herbs, vegetable plants for growing your own veggies, as well as sweet tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries ready to be picked and enjoyed. I sell my produce at the local summer market and
I guarantee that it tastes like Summer.

Anne-Maj Johansson tarina