Take a good rest in the archipelago

Welcome to enjoy an unforgettable cottage holiday in Pellinki

Rent a cottage with a real feeling

Spend an unforgettable holiday in Pellinki (in Swedish Pellinge), in the archipelago of Porvoo!
Rent a summer cottage, Grand Ma’s cottage, a new log cabin or even an entire islet with a cabin and a sauna. The owner Anne-Maj Johansson offers five different accommodations for families, those interested in recreational fishing and those who love to roam in the nature or watch birds along the sea border.

The cottages for rent

“I don’t know any better place than this. I watch the nature, the sea and continuously live with the seasonal changes. The landscape is like a painting of Edelfelt: the sea, the shores, the sunshine, the moonshine, the birds, the storms and the mirror smooth sea. When paddling the kayak out on the sea, the scenery changes again.

This place has always been my power source, a place where to rest and gain power for the next day. I wish that Laxvarpet will be a place for relaxation and delight for my customers.”

Anne-Maj Johansson


A wonderful sunny day! We rode the bicycle around the island and made impulse purchases in the village shop. In the evening while the moon rose and the stars twinkled, we took the sauna.
Dalen 20.11.2020

Fantastic nature & sunny weather during our summer holiday week. It was nice to experience the force and gentleness of the sea. Lasse brought the rowboat and we got new possibilities to explore the adjacent islets, and to marvel at new bird and plant species. We balanced on stones, went swimming and enjoyed the peace.
Lilla Nätiholmen 16–22.6.2019

A short but eventful holiday week on fantastic Katashäll. Fine weather; still summer heat and refreshing sea winds. There was always a refreshing or warm place, depending on the wind. No cyanobacteria, no wasps, no mosquitos! The temperature of the water is over 20 degrees. Perfect, many thanks again!

Sufficiently out of the way,

but near after all. From Helsinki in a good hour.
From Porvoo in about 45 minutes.


What is there to do in Pellinki?

The immediate surroundings can be explored by foot, by bicycle, rowing or paddling, except for spending a traditional cottage life and relaxation. You can fish and pick delicacies of the forest. The active village community in the archipelago of Pellinki offers a considerable amount of service and activities all year round.